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  • Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in Sports and Health Science, specialising in endurance physiology


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Ben holds both Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in Sports and Health Science, specialising in endurance physiology. He has conducted physiological testing and coached a wide range of athletes at all levels, including England vested athletes and those that have represented Great Britain at international competition. In addition to his background in sports and health physiology, Ben’s coaching experience spans over 25 years from when he started out as a junior gymnastics coach under Paul Hall, lead coach to Louis Smith. Outside of his private coaching Ben has spent the last 10+ years as a volunteer endurance and speed endurance coach at North Devon Athletics Club.


Over the years Ben has built a strong reputation as an endurance and ultra-running coach, and as a ‘go to’ sports physiologist in the South West. Having coached and mentored through a variety of sports and in the business management environment, he has also regularly presented at England Athletics seminars, workshops and conferences, on the subjects of; endurance performance, physiology, strength & conditioning, running mechanics, and coaching theory. Ben is regularly requested by schools, colleges, universities, and private clubs to deliver content on coaching and sports science. 


As a dedicated athlete-centred coach, Ben works with a wide range of athletes and clients both in the UK and overseas. His track record of improving athletes in their performance speaks for itself and he comes highly recommended for all aspects of athlete development and injury rehabilitation.  In 2019 Ben has been engaged by Inspired Schools to deliver their Inspired Paygrounds primary school children's physical activity initiative into schools across England and Wales, which to date has seen him successfully deliver into over 30 primary schools.


Personal Coaching

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Having a structured training program which is both intelligent and targetted to your goal is vital to continual improvement and successfully reaching your goals. Engaging a personal coach will help you to identify your targets and set realistic and achievable training parameters to meet your goal. To date, every single private client to engage me as a coach and has followed one of my coaching programs has attained a PB, with many clients achieving multiple PB's.  All private coaching is tailored to the individual and administered through Training Peaks coaching software.  

Personal Strength & Conditioning 

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Musculoskeletal strength is the absolute base foundation for physiological well-being, whether for sporting performance or day-to-day mobility. It is widely reported that muscular strength can promote positive bone health and growth, especially in the twilight years when bone mineral density decreases with age. As our modern world becomes increasingly sedentary it is much more vital to ensure that we engage in strength and mobility promoting activities to prevent degeneration of the physiological form.


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Physiological testing enables both recreational and more serious athletes to intelligently progress their abilities by benchmarking and utilising data such as; VO2, blood lactate, heart rate, pace, and fuel substrate utilisation.  Through a thorough physiological test we are also able to gain information such as fuel and hydration strategies for longer endurance races, and predicted capable race times.

Injury Rehabilitation

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One of the biggest advantages of seeing a sports specific practitioner for your injury rehabilitation is that you will be seeing someone who knows what it's like from an athlete's point of view to be 'benched'.  Sports specific injury rehabilitation can be complex and in most cases is not just a case of one factor, more actually a chain of factors resulting in various physiological outcomes.

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