Eucalyptus oil has a sharp, medicinal aroma that helps stimulate and awaken the senses.  It has the ability to open up the nasal passages and makes it easier to breathe.  Eucalyptus oil also has a deodorizing effect on the environment.  It is an excellent decongestant for colds.  Its antibacterial and antiviral properties can help to stop the spread of infections.  A couple of drops on the face mask or handkerchief will be beneficial in the flu season.  It also helps arthritic pain or muscular aches when used for massages.



  • Mind and emotions: invigorating, clarifying
  • Body: decongestant, relieves aches and pains, anti-viral
  • Skin Care: promotes oxygen exchange, decongesting to sluggish skin, and a good tonic.


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Eucalyptus 5ml

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