A new innovation in aromatic therapy, designed to enhance and support your daily routine.


These patches that adhere to the skin offer a new way of delivering Subtle Energies’ potent aromatic actives, slowly released over a period of time. The three patches use some of Subtle Energies’ most loved aromatic and therapeutic formulas.


DO NOT USE patch in MRI. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD for children under 3 yrs. DISCLAIMER: This patch has not been evaluated by the FDA or TGA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Box of 10 inhalation patches


This inhalation patch helps to increase focus, grounding and clarity and enhances spiritual and emotional benefits with oils of Saffron, Rhu Khus and Tulasi. These oils are also protecting and cleansing from any negative energy



  • Increases focus and clarity
  • Supports meditation
  • Reduces anxiety


Key Ingredients

  • Saffron
  • Rhu khus
  • Tulasi

Rasayana Inhalation Patch (10per/box)

  • Please note that our products are not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease. 

    For further guidance please refer to our Geneal Product Satefy page.