• Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy ( with Honors) - Far Eastern University, Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation, Philippines

  • Holistic Massage (with Merit Award) - International Therapy Examination Council, U.K.

  • Post Natal Massage Therapy and Jamu Binding - Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology, U.K.

  • Breast Lactation and Shaping Massage and Baby Massage - Jamu Spa School, Bali Indonesia

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment (Cupping, Moxibustion, Qua Sha,

  • Traditional Chinese Massage) - Frederique Academy, Hong Kong



Available in hong kong & online

We believe the first few weeks and months after giving birth are very important for new mothers to heal, recover and be able to quickly go back to their old routine and at the same adopt to the big changes happening to be a new mom. We also put high importance on this very precious phase for newborn babies as they adopt to this world and on promoting their psychosocial, physiological and physical growth.


Rhy is committed to providing a high-quality service to moms and their newborn babies in the comfort of their homes. We are passionate about enriching our clients quality of life by providing an effective and holistic approach for the many changes and adjustment to motherhood.


We want to help women Recover faster after giving birth by providing a service that Repositions the internal organs to their original place and tones the abdominal muscles flattening the stomach.

Reduces swelling and water retention by clearing and boosting the circulatory and lymphatic system and getting rid of abdominal gas and "trapped-wind".

Restores the body to its pre-pregnancy condition by aiding in getting rid of excess fats and fluids and bringing the abdominal muscles together and redefines the waistline.

Revitalises moms overall physical and emotional and mental well-being by helping them combat exhaustion, lack of sleep and energy and improve posture and back pain.

And last but not the least Rhy encourages moms bonding moments with their little ones and enhances its value thru lactation massage and baby massage teaching session. We are passionate about nurturing your little ones by assisting in their psycho-social and physical growth


Post Natal Juma Massage & Tummy Bind

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A complete treatment consisting of a rejuvenating Javanese Massage, a soothing wrap, and the renowned Selendang Tummy Binding Technique, highly recommended for a mother's post-delivery. This treatment aids in a faster recovery and healing process, tightens and tones the abdomen, repositions internal organs, promotes lymphatic drainage, treats stretch marks, redefines the waistline and improves body posture minimizing back pain. It also treats "trapped winds" that can cause postpartum depression

Pre Natal

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A pampering massage for moms-to-be to help relieve muscle tension, reduce swelling and lessen sciatic pain. This massage also increases nutrients and oxygen to both mother and baby through increased circulation.

Breast Lactation & Lifting Massage

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A gentle application of massage therapy and manual lymph drainage which aids in helping a mother cope with discomfort during pregnancy, milk production, breastfeeding, weaning and lactation mastitis. It also supports the breasts to assist in keeping them healthy and in better shape and for the prevention of breast cancer.


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Promotes psycho-social, physiological and physical growth in infants. This massage reduces discomfort from common ailments such as colic, gas, congestion, teething and emotional stress. In addition it helps to improve a baby's sleep pattern.

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